Why I loathe the US of Eh

Why I hate the USA

I will not say who brought up the fact that I focus my wrath primarily on the USA, but I feel the need to respond. So I am writing this little post to explain why I focus my rage and frustration on the good ole US of Eh. I have 5 points currently, but I am sure I will be adding to this list. I also am not proof reading this shit, I get mad enough as it is.


  1. The NUMBER ONE reason I hate the USA, and I am going to just state this off the top – is because they are bullies. They constantly invade, and harass other countries who are easy targets for doing things that they themselves do, and then whine bitch and complain when said countries retaliate. Loss of lives suck, I know, but don’t pretend you’re hands aren’t also covered in the blood of innocents.

           Not to mention, they make up fake wars that use their own citizens as fodder and kill innocent civilians. They refuse to own up to the awful horrible shit they’ve done. They refuse to own up            to the fact that they are a war mongering hate fest that has done more harm than good globally. If the USA actually admitted to its evil deeds I’d be a bit more open to giving them a                      chance.

            I mean, Russia is as evil as it gets – but at least they own up to it. They know what they are. They don’t hide it or deny it in any seriousness. Some Middle Eastern countries openly loathe                   women and take away their rights, they don’t hide it and pretend it never happened. Other countries commit mass genocide and they are known for it, it can’t be hidden.


  1. They live in a bubble of superiority. The only people who truly believe that America is the greatest nation on earth, is Americans and those they’ve sold a false bill of goods to about it being the land of the free and home of the brave. If you mention to some Americans about how much other countries don’t like them, or do not view them as superior they will rage so hard. Because America is the coolest kid in school and everyone loves them. Barf.


  1. Vietnam, aka America’s need to puff its chest and swing its dick around. What the Americans did to Vietnam is inexcusable and disgusting. The country is still suffering the effects from America’s dick measuring contest. So many people lost their lives needlessly. So many American men came home broken and scarred with drug addictions just to satisfy ego of men in power. They committed hideous war crimes against Vietnam citizens that they have never been held accountable for.


  1. Be honest about your racism America, for fuck sakes. You like to pretend good ole Abe Lincoln freed the slaves, but he really fucking didn’t. You basically took a group of traumatized people who had no education or savings and let them free into the world and said good luck. Then ever since that time you continued to find new ways to enslave black people. Crop sharing, prisons, jim crow, ghettos etc etc – they never had the opportunity to be free because it was in name only. They were still hated, and discriminated against. The majority could never get out of the poverty and strife of their ancestors because your country won’t fucking let them.

They are brutalised by your police force and murdered just for being black by stupid cops who live in stereotypes and fear of a boogeyman put in place for centuries. Parents have to let their           kids out into the world fearing they may not come home because the strength of the USA’s racist foundation is still alive and well. Black transgendered woman are also murdered at an                     alarming rate and yet no one gives a fuck. People still don’t fucking understand why Black Lives Matter is important and necessary.

Because white people still refuse to acknowledge and accept the racist history in the USA. They distort civil rights figures speeches to suit their need to keep uppity black folk in their places.            They cannot understand why a group of people would be so fucking sick and tired of being murdered, brutalised, discriminated against, and prevented from succeeding would suddenly                  become violent. Peaceful protest my ass. White folk in the USA don’t understand peaceful, they just understand violence.


  1. Old conservative white folk in the USA have done their damndest to discredit and slander feminism. They are so fucking afraid of change and equality and having to share the pie that they just want women to sit down and shut up. Violence against women is just boys being boys. Guys like Brock Turner get off scott free for being white and athletic. The worst part is that the fucking idiots in the USA say “WELL LADIES IF YOU WANT TO SEE OPPRESSION LOOK TO XYZ”. This again goes back to the refusal to accept their history. The usa is just as fucking guilty as other countries and their atrocities towards women. They may take other shapes and forms but they are still there. Evidenced in the fact that old white dudes have more right to what a woman does with her body than the woman does.



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