Full Page Zines

Synth I Met You was my first Zine. I wrote it as an anniversary gift for my husband. It is about our relationship and the ways that my husband shared his interests so that they combined with mine. Due to this I now am a huge synth history geek, even if I do not play.

Synth I Met You (vol. 2)Synth I met you Vol. 2 is my second zine in this ongoing series.  In this volume I discuss my favourite things about synths & their history… Like cats, Korg (the company), and Leon Theremin.

Your Vagina is On Fire (Because you won’t leave it alone)A zine inspired by all the bullshit that is leveled at vaginas. The harmful products made for vaginas, the politics surrounding vagina, show you don’t have to be female to have one…and how people like Gwyneth Paltrow exploit women’s insecurities to make money, at the expense of women’s health.

Half Page Zines

Keeping The Monsters Away – This is a Zine about my journey with mental health. It discusses all the different things that help me keep my mental health in check, and keep me living a better quality of life.



Keeping The Monsters Away – Therapy – This is a follow-up Zine to Keeping the Monsters Away. I extrapolate on the topic of therapy and discuss both my own journey with therapy, stigma, and history of therapy.  


I Like my Oatmeal Lumpy – Just a simple zine about my love of 90s song lyrics and movie quotes. 

November Rain – There was a lot of rain in November 2018, and this song was perpetually stuck in my head. So I made this zine.

Mini Zines

Aphantasia – This Zine discusses my inability to visualize (aphantasia) and how I deal with it, and what it means for me.


Festive Tales – This Zine talks about some of the glorious ladies and creatures from folklore that make the Yuletide season a little more cannibalistic and bloody.


Oh, The Places you Will Go!  – Agustus the Uterus takes you on a journey through all the misogynistic bullshit that has been said, and believed about women’s uteruses throughout the past millennia.


Hippo Facts  – Interesting and wonderful facts about my favourite animal, the Hippo.


Midwives & Witchcraft How witchcraft and the business of midwifery have intersected over the centuries.