The Who, What, Where, When & Why of Zine Pals


You and a fellow zine creator that share similar interests. 


A pen-palesque program that connects two like minded zine creators with each other so that they can send each other their zines. Everyone loves getting snail mail! 


You can create zines anywhere, at any time and share them with your Zine-Pal! 


We ask that if you sign up for Zine-Pals you will send a zine to your pal 3 times a year at minimum. You can send more if you want to though! It’s up to you and your pal how you want to work it out. 


Zines are personal slices of ones life, thoughts, dreams and likes that are often made with the intent of finding other people to share them with. However, it’s not always easy to find fellow zine makers and creators depending on where you live and how social you are. It is for this reason that Zine-Pals came into being, a way to connect people with other like minded zine creators so that they can share their art easily and without having to travel or use up their spoons.   


 Zine-Pals is free to sign up with, and all we ask is that you follow the following rules:

  • When you sign up for Zine-Pals you commit to share at minimum 3 zines yearly with your pal
  • You agree that you will be respectful and inclusive and refrain from sharing zines that contain hateful material that maligns ones race, gender, sexuality ability etc. If you DO share something that violates this you will be removed from the Zine-Pals database.
  • You will be responsible for any costs incurred for your zines to be printed & mailed

When you sign up for Zine-Pals we will match you with a person who shares 1 or more of your zine interests. When we have a match for you (please be patient as this is a new program it may take a little bit) we will email both you and your new pal so that you can connect with them and share any pertinent details and then you’re on your own!

You can always reach us at [email protected] if you are having any issues or difficulties.